Are there problems with your water?

YOU can do something about it!

This Playbook can help you protect your water.

This Playbook is for anyone who is concerned about the quality of water in your community — the water you drink, the water you recreate in, the water from which you catch your dinner.

The health of your family and neighbors may depend on your watchful eyes. YOU know a lot more about your rivers, creeks, and lakes than the public officials regulating them. 

You may think that the local, state, or federal government is monitoring water quality and keeping us all safe from pollution. The truth is, they can’t be everywhere.

You are part of that critical line of defense for our waters. 

What if Superman Isn’t Coming?

“If you think getting involved isn’t for you or that you’re not a leader, I’ve got some news for you. We’re all leaders. We can’t afford to sit on the sidelines anymore—none of us can. You, your kids, your grandkids, and your neighbors need a better world now and a legacy to leave for future generations.”

— Erin Brockovich, Superman’s Not Coming

Real World Stories

We must hold polluters and agencies ACCOUNTABLE


In 2021, the Back River in Baltimore was polluted with raw sewage, excessive nutrients, and other pollutants from the Back River Wastewater Plant. 

Coal Ash

Drinking water for Potomac and Susquehanna Rivers communities was exposed to highly dangerous pollutants from coal ash ponds.


A huge housing development caused extreme flooding in a Patuxent River community, resulting in land erosion and property damage.

You have a right to

Clean water.

The opportunity to safely swim.

The privilege to eat fish you catch.

Safe drinking water from the tap.

What is the Clean Water Act?

The Clean Water Act is a federal law that is substantially implemented at the state level. The state implementation is intended to trickle down to the local level through permitting of facilities and activities, and setting standards that apply to specific water bodies.